Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snoopy's Scenario

I shot these photos last night. I don’t do anything special for Xmas, but I enjoy watching houses dress up with lights.

This evening, my neighbor and I walked by the city hall. In front of the building, a three-story pine tree stood like gorgeous Greek statue. Wind blew. The tree swayed in slow twist. Mmm. Fabulous. Why did I leave my camera at home? I told my neighbor. She talked about timing and her two unused camera. We watched the tree. Long chains of tiny white lights draped around it from top to bottom. We put our hands in pockets and watched the tree danced for a while. Wind blew harder.

Once or twice or maybe more times, Snoopy sat on top of his doghouse and typed, “It was dark and stormy night.” That’s my favorite scene. That was the kind of nights we had. Happy Holidays!


Dorraine said...

Beautiful pictures, Keiko! Thanks for sharing them. Your descriptions of the lights was lush as well.

Snoopy-now that is one character I can relate to! You know, for Christmas, my oldest daughter got me all the Charlie Brown classics. I do love them.

keiko amano said...


I'm glad you could see the lights on the photos, and you like Peanuts. I love all the characters. Your oldest daughter's present is a good collection to keep. Isn't Charles Schulz a genius? Thank you for stopping by.

Happy New Year!