Friday, June 25, 2010

More Flowers from Yokohama

This is the photo I promised Rebb before. On the way to the library, I often stop and chat with a woman. She tends her garden, and we love to chat about flowers. That day, we were excited for this red flower. I used to grow this kind, but I don't remember the name. It blooms only one day and dies. It's stunning.

Below, these flowers are still blooming at the library. I took these photos about the same time Rebb showed her similar flowers. "Blue Jewel" or "Love-in-the-mist."

Below, I found these water lilies and fish in front of a noodle shop. When I was small, many people placed a ceramic container like this way next to their front door. It is so peaceful and enjoyable to watch medaka swim under and around water lilies. I just looked up the name of the fish in the English dictionary. They are called medaka, killifish, or cyprinodont. Thank goodness, it is called the same as Japanese, medaka. Other two sound horrible. A medaka is pinkish and cute. Me means eyes, and daka, high. Their eyes are large.

By the way, Rebb, my camera is also Nikon Coolpix. But mine is old. I bought it in 2001, I think.


Vincent said...

We have one like the red one at top. I think it is a kind of forest cactus. It is quite large now and a month or two ago produced about 9 flowers, which as you say don't last long.

As for "blue jewel" it's the name of a variety of love-in-a-mist, not the name of a plant!

keiko amano said...


Forest cactus sounds good. My neighbor gave me a few stalks with some leaves. The leaves were like thin cactus. It was so simple to grow.

About "Love-in-a-mist," I got it.
I found a video. There must be many varieties.

Rebb said...


Wow! Look at that red flower. It’s like a red dragon. Isn’t that interesting that some of the most stunning flowers only last a short time. I suppose it forces us to appreciate the beauty while it is alive.

How Synchronistic that we were taking photos of beautiful flowers at similar times. The one with more violet in it reminds me of a sea flower and look at those little angel wings all around.

I love water lilies, but I don’t see them often. I can imagine how peaceful and enjoyable it would be to watch medaka swim under and around water lilies.

Ah, you have a Nikon Coolpix too. They take excellent photos. Most of the photos I’ve posted were taken with my Nikon, but the last set of close-ups flowers I took with my Olympus.

Thanks for sharing, Keiko!