Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Reading Event

They are all narrators and actors. You'll see more photos as below.
Last Sunday, two women from this group had their own reading event. Their readings were like Japanese folktales. The stories put me into an old Japanese world. They can both use their voices to their advantage. One can speak the northeast dialect and use her voice like a musical instrument. The other woman has the kind of voice that can transport me into that fictional world and let me remain there. In these events, I'm grateful to have own language. Of course, we all have our own language. But it reminds us to appreciate it.

These people used to help me develop my play called "Yesterday." It's about a young girl who go to the Beatles' concert. We had six or so reading events a few years ago. And right now, I'm thinking about revisiting my play. I found a young woman who could possibly play the heroine. I wrote it in both English and Japanese, but they are not the same.


María Eugenia Mendoza said...

Hola Keiko:
The Beatles inspiran lo mejor. Espero conocer pronto esta obra.
Saludos desde México.
(Soy mamá de Hipatia, una de tus traductoras al español).

keiko amano said...

Hola Maria,

Muchas Gracias.

Hi Maria,

I was going to ask you or Hypatia in next chance if you are Hypatia's mother. Thank you for your help in making my dream come true: my works have been editied and translated into multi languages, and one is in Spanish!

I appreciate your interest in my Beatles story. I hope to work on it again. I'll let you know.

I'll look forward to reading your story in the next issue of CHMagazine.

keiko amano said...


Takasaka-san, the second woman from right on the photo, speaks some Spanish. She and her husband had lived in Algentina before. It's a coincidence that I was just talking with her yesterday. I thought about asking her help in writing you a Spanish message. But I would be terrible pretending to be a Spanish speaker. So, I decided to write in English and not to paste my machine translated message.

ashok said...
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ashok said...

It does sound like you are having a lot of fun Keiko.

keiko amano said...


My life is not all that fun. I hope to write about it in future. But meantime, I want to tell you about the event I happened to attend yesterday. It was in the library, and they invited the former Japanese embassador to India and one Indian CEO, a Srilankan journalist and other people who are experts relating to India's affairs. And they had a panel discussion. It wasn't hot, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have to write about it for CHMagazine, so I hope to show a part of it here later on.