Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kyrgyzstan and Umut

I copied this Facebook exchange below with Umut’s permission.
Thank you, Umut! 

Keiko Amano December 28 at 7:14am


I'm the mother of Mikki Sulan. She told me your name means hope. That's great. In Japan, a novelist named Tusihima Yuuko talks passionately about your culture. I'm interested in it also. I haven't read it, but Tsushima has been studying and writing about Manus (SP maybe wrong), poetry. I guess Manus is your ancient hero.

Umut Kakeeva December 28 at 10:19am Report

Hi Keiko nice to hear from you! In my culture almost all names have meanings. My dad really hoped have a girl for the first child. This is why my names is Umut. I always tell my Peace Corps volunteers through learning the meaning of names they can build their Kyrgyz vocabulary. However I have noticed Americans are not interested in name meanings as we do:) Probably Mikki remembers my names meaning cuz she has Asian background and I know in Asia it is acceptable. Yes, Manas is our ancient hero and the longest epic in the world. What is unique of Manas is Kyrgyz people saved it by orally because they didn't know to write. A person who tells Manas called Manaschi mean Manas teller. In the past when Kyrgyz people didn't know how to write Manaschis told among crowd of people as telling poetry for a long time. Some Manaschi could tell for all the night without stopping. Nowadays Manaschis don't tell such long because we have Manas books now and people can read:) Also, Manas epic describes Kyrgyz culture. Even Kyrgyz people didn't leave about their history and culture in written form but it kept with Manas.

I am very interested in Japanese culture. Just yesterday watched about Kyto (SP might be wrong) on TV. I heard Japanese people are so hard-working. accurate and punctual. One of my American friend's mom told the she impressed the public transportation in Japan comes on time than in the States. I really respect the Japan people are so modern and at the same time follow their traditions. BTW, I loved Japanese cuisine. Recently Peaco Corps training officer invited us to the dinner his home. His wife is Japanese. We felt like we were in Japan cuz they showed real Japanese dinner and culture. I think we ate 11 kinds of food and tried some Sake:) Food was so delicious and healthy! Unfortunately, I forget their names except sushi. Also, we had fun using chopsticks. OK, I guessed I talked a lot. If you are interested in to know about our culture I can tell you more. Just let me know. Also, you have a great daughter! She is my best American friend!

Keiko Amano December 28 at 2:50pm


Thank you for your response. This is great. And I'm glad to hear that my daugher is your best American friend. I'm also glad to know that Mikki paid attention to the meaning of your name. You probably taught her your language more than you think. Making friends is the best way to learn target languages.

So, Manas epic is the longest in the world, and it used to be an oral tradition. If it was oral, there must be many versions. I hope some young people keep such unique tradition going. I'd like to know more about Kyrgyz culture and language. Mikki was lucky to have had the opportunity to learn the language.

About punctuality in Japan, longer ago, we were more punctual. Lately, we have more small accidents on rails, and passengers often must wait. I think one of the reasons is that younger people push emergency buttons more easily than older folks.

Below are my blogs about my name.



Umut, can I copy this exchange to my blog spot? I want to introduce you and your culture to my fellow bloggers. It will be very meaningful. Please let me know.



Keiko Amano's Blog: Names and Preference


Vincent is fine by me. Now we must find a name for you. How about an Italian suffix?"To indicate smallness or express affection or endearment, add the common suffixes such as -ino/a/i/e, -etto/a/i/e, -ello/a/i/e, and -uccio, -uccia, -ucci, -ucce."Keikina? Keikella? Keikuccia? (the ending in a signif


Umut Kakeeva December 28 at 6:45pm Report

Yes, of course I don't mind at all. Thanks for your blog link.

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I know one person whose name is Hope. Hope Edelman! She is a non-fiction author. I took her memoir classes.

Her web site is http://www.redroom.com/author/hope-edelman/