Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is one of the writers’ workshops in the San Dimas Senior Center.  I took these photos last Wednesday.  Al is the chairperson while Pat is away.  She isn't here right now, but is behind the scene.  Last Wednesday, Al gave me back my first draft of "Estimates" with Pat's comment.  I must have read the story to the group probably last September!  Thank you Pat and Al.

I don’t know if this scene was before or after Frank shared his jokes of the week.  To understand jokes indicates a high achievement in learning a foreign language.  I often miss it.  I wish I could get a print copy of his jokes.  But I won’t because if I read them and still don’t laugh, we both will be disappointed.

We had about 15 people last week. The recess time was as enjoyable as the reading time. Dolores Cullen, a Chaucer expert and my editor, said guests are always welcome, so a friend of mine, a lady in green, came along with me because Wednesday is our fish taco day.

On this day, I began talking about races and our roots, and we had a heated discussion on cultural taboos. I was thinking of sending my story “The Night” to a nonfiction magazine, but because of their input, I had an opportunity to think further about it and deepen the story. I always appreciate honest opinions much more than any praise. Otherwise, I can’t improve my writing and myself.

I think they had told each other what color of clothes they would wear the following week.  Saundra heads her memoir workshop at the same center.  Frank’s play will be in production this May.


Here is Nonie, our madonna.


ZACL said...

Sometimes, Keiko, not laughing at jokes indicates a high level of knowledge of a culture and language. They may not be funny. some jokes are pathetic and do not deserve a response, except polite reserve.

You leisure pursuits are very constructive and arts orientated.

keiko amano said...


You are right about jokes. I agree. But you gave me an idea also. I shall pretend a high level of knowledge from now on! Hee hee.

I wonder if it looked more leisurely because I took the photos during the recess, and my guest brought a knitting yarn while waiting for me. But the meeting itself was serious. The regular members of this Wednesday group are all published authors. As I already mentioned elsewhere, but Dolores Cullen is a Chaucer expert working on her fifth book, and another author has been writing her memoir which will reveal the beginning of a huge travelling industry and her past glamorous life. We say wow often listening to her. She helped the business to start and was married to the owner. We are privilege to read and comment on their work. We are excited. We probably need to hold celebration parties when those books are published.

ZACL said...

Ah, leisure pursuits does not mean necessarily, that your pursuits are leisurely. I think I have mentioned that the English language has many layers and a word or phrase can have many meanings.

Leisure pursuits are those interests you follow through in your own time, not work time, such as courses or meetings you enjoy and undertake for personal pleasure. Some people do physically or mentally energetic things in their leisure time, which can be demanding