Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Satsuki and Rain

I took the top two photos this morning. It was drizzling.  The flower is satsuki which is similar to azalea (tsutsuji), but the flowers and leaves are smaller.  It's coincident.  This spot, near the river closed to my place, used to be the home of my childhood classmate, and her name was Satsuki because she was born in May.  Satsuki can be a season word in haiku, and Samidare (May rain) also.  The bottom photo shows the asphalt below under the satsuki bushes. 

This afternoon, I wasn’t up to practice kana shodo. I made some black ink and read some good poems. I thought about the photos and came up with two haiku.

The first one is

Satsuki says
Let’s cry together
On a rainy day

The second one I cannot translate because of onomatopoeic. We make sounds crying such as shiku-shiku.

Shikushikuto naku
Satsuki kana

Well, I felt much better at the end of my kana shodo class.  I was the last to leave the classroom.


Author-Poet Aberjhani said...

Stunning visual imagery and linguistic haiku beauty. Thank you for sharing it.

keiko amano said...

Hi Aberjhani,

What a pleasant surprise! It made my day. Thank you very much.

ZACL said...

I love the various plants and their levels of 'make-up' (I prefer the French word 'maquillage', as for me it has a more poetic meaning for presentational beauty).

You seem, Keiko, to have had a pensive day.