Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Canter's and Blintz

I love their foods and bread.  This is Canter’s in Fairfax.  I used to work not too far from this district.  Boy, did I miss their foods!  I also had more than a few favorite restaurants there.  Mmm.  Delicious.  Blintzes and Barley soup were the best!  On the way out, we bought a loaf of pumpernickel and lye bread, and a bagel.


ZACL said...

Those Blints, Blinis, or Blinztis are very large. Was there a piece of fried aubergine on a plate in your picture?

The meal mix seems curious.

keiko amano said...


Those blintzes are not large, but two are enough. The restaurant gives generous portion. My berley soup was filled to the rim. I already ate some, so the photo show less. About the combination of foods, the logic was to order what I missed the most.

About aubergine, I checked the word. It said eggplant. No, there was no eggplant on the table.