Monday, April 23, 2012

Ohashi Yousuke and Body Poetry

After the stage.

From left, Yoshida Asa san, me, and Ohashi san.  The the last day of their stage "Friends, My Precious Friends"  on April 8th.  Sorry no English version exists.
They have performed through 20 countries and over 50 cities last 20 years.  I have translated their poem which Rebb helped me with it.  

Rumiko Morimura

Rumiko Morimura and her father and friends

I wish you have a chance to see their stage just once.  It will make you smile whole week even you are really down.  Ohashi san and Rumiko san together, they create the world as though we are eating an excellent miso soup with many kinds of vegetables and tofu on a rainy day.


Rebb said...

How exciting, Keiko. I bet the performance was amazing--a powerful poem. Great analogy. I love miso soup! It warms me and makes me happy when I eat it.

keiko amano said...

Hi Rebb,

I hope they'll go to San Francisco soon so that you get to see them. I gurantee you'll feel happy coming out of the theater. I'm not going to tell you more because it might ruin it like telling the end of a mystery novel.

Rebb said...

Hi Keiko, That will be great if they go to San Francisco.

I wanted to mention that you planted a seed when you mentioned Jessica Barksdale Inclan's writing workshop. I didn't feel ready or that I could afford the workshop, but I'm going to try to take her short story class coming up in May if it doesn't fill up.

I won't write the whole thing here, but I almost took a class of hers once. In short, reading one of her blogs made me discover Red Room and want to join so I could comment on her blog and to share my words. Funny, huh. So thanks for replanting the seed!

keiko amano said...


I see. So you knew her before I mentioned her class. It sounds as if it meant to be. If you do, please say hello for me. I sense that you have a novel in progress. It's tough, but fun. One thing I'm sure is that you'll never regret it. We will have much more fun!