Thursday, June 14, 2012

Planning a Class Reunion

From upper left, Hirano kun, Kitagawa san, Haba kun, Abe kun, Gigio (Kusama san), Yokomoto kun, and Osakabe kun.
Wakame (Q-ko), Mitchi, and me wearing my new red stole that I dyed the other day in Takasaki.

We are a part of the 1969 class of Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama Tateno High School.

Except two women above, I' ve met for the first time after 43 years.  It was a pleasant surprise that Q-ko called me yesterday in between my ballet and kana shodo class.  They were having a planning meeting for upcoming class reunion.  I've never been there before.   Maybe, next one, I would.


planning meeting
the 43rd year
class reunion
old time mates
new friends

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