Friday, July 20, 2012

A Scot, Thomas Blake Glover

Ian Ruxton who is the editor/author of Ernest Satow related books sent me the following sites in Facebook, and I thought about ZACL.  Some of you are not connected to me there, so here they are.   On my high school trip, I visited Glover House in Nagasaki, but I didn't know much about him. 

Thomas Blake Glover was a Scottish explorer and merchant in Bakumatsu and Meiji periods

I also enjoyed watching this colorful festival.  They are very creative.


ZACL said...

Our download speeds are abysmal, Keiko. I could not watch all of the YT film.

The Scottish presenter is good; he's from Fife. He does some really good work for The Open University.

The fact that the revolutionary change in working culture could be located to one date really stuck with me; it is fascinating and amusing.

keiko amano said...


If I were in Japan, I wouldn't have watched it. It's slow there also.

Some of the information he narrates are in error, but this is the first time I see Glover's photos and learn his active life and contribution to the Meiji government. I'm glad he received a medal.