Monday, October 29, 2012


Horii san says, "Wait two more weeks.  They usually bloom around November 4th."  While he talks, he cuts the  bottom brown leaves.  "This place used to be in the middle of rice paddies long ago, we didn't have this kind of problems."

"I see," I say, "the concrete underneath and your iron gate heat up too much during hot summer, and that burns  leaves."

"Yes.  Long ago, we used heavy clay pots, but now I'm old, I can't handle them."

"I see those are plastic pots.  Clay must be better for controlling the temperature.  My grandfather used to grow chrysanthemums, and he used clay pots."

"I just came back from hospital today after a week stay, and they are already in this mess.  I fell ill last year during this time, and kept going back and forth from hospital multiple times.  Maybe this is the last year."

"Please don't say that.  The field of medicine has greatly improved.  I hope your health will improve so that you can show next generation of your chrysanthemums next year."

These chrysanthemums are all the children of his last-year flowers.  I don't know how old each flower is and their names, but he said he's been growing them for 15 years.  So, some are probably 15 which is teen-ager.  In Japan, kids reach legal adult age at 20.  Next time I see him, I'll tell him that.

With his permission, I took Horii san's photos.

"I took some photos last year and made a blog.  Many people from other countries are looking at my blog.  I will create a new blog again with this photo of you this time.  Next time I see you, I'll show you.    Please live long life."


ZACL said...

This post is heart-warming.

What temperatures do you have at this time of year that your Chrysanths. bloom on the 4th November?

I was given one, which I blogged about earlier in the year. When it died back I planted it in the garden. The weather was just mild enough for the plant to become 'hardened' to living outdoors. Now I wait to see if the chysanthemum will flourish next year as a garden plant. I do hope so.

keiko amano said...


It's cold here today. I think it's 11 centigrade or so, but I'm unsure exactly.

I remember your chrysanthemum blog. They are pretty strong and beautiful. I also like their smell.