Friday, February 1, 2013

Patty Ann Feldman

Patty Ann Feldman
(April 18th, 1934 – January 28th, 2013)

She was the chairwoman of San Dimas Writers Workshop for 20 years.  Her last four years, she could no longer chaired the meeting, but I heard from her daughter today that her spunky spirit remained the same, and even on her last day, she still talked with five people while her breathing was getting difficult.  That’s amazing.

I guess I tend to be serious when I give my comments to writers.  One time, she looked into my eyes after reading my comments on her entertaining essay and said,
“Keiko, you’re too serious!” 
She is right.  I need to remember that.  Thank you, Pat!

Today was my second time I attended the Jewish funeral.  I loved the songs the cantor sang playing a guitar.  He had the deepest and beautiful voice.  He guided us, and we sang together. 

After the funeral, people left one by one, and four or so women from the group were still talking.  I felt good knowing Pat is in peace now and her family also.  

One thing I learned today.  Pat’s grandson was asking us if Pat wrote about him.  We couldn’t say for sure, but all we remember was her funny fiction or essays.  I looked at his face and voice inquiring about his grandmother’s writing if she wrote about him.  His words touched me.

Then I thought about my four-year-old grandson.  I was thinking of writing a funny travelogue of my daughter’s wedding we attended together last summer.  There was a few stressful moments during the trip which I could turn the story into a comedy.  Wait a minute.  I have to write something nice in case I die in near future.  I don't know if my grandson cares to know that his parents gave him the largest sized fruit smoothies, and on the way back on freeway, they had to pull their car over to the side of the rightmost lane twice and rushed him out of his car seat and pee in public.

I have to think about that.  Thank you, Pat, for your advice and inspiration. 


kristieinbc said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your writing friend, Keiko. I definitely think you should write the story about your grandson! He might not appreciate it so much when he is young, but he most certainly will when he gets older.

keiko amano said...


Thank you. Every time I see my grandson, I have something to write about. You're right. I'll do that next time. Between my son's family and my daughter's, I can write a sit com comedy for the rest of my life!

Rebb said...


I enjoyed reading your rememberamce of Pat. You seemed to capture her spirit. I also felt touched that her grandson asked if she wrote about him.

Something tells me you have many comedic writings up your sleeve. I've mostly had the pleasure of knowing your funny side through your blog. : )

keiko amano said...


Thank you for your kind comment. You're right. I have many comedic stories in my head! Every time I see my children, I see myself in them. Good or bad, I can't help, but to reflect moments.

Now I have a grandson, and what he says or does makes me smile. And when I'm most unexpected, he showers me with surprise.

ashok said...

That does like a Jolly old Dame :)

keiko amano said...


I think Pat like your kind comment!

ZACL said...

The tradition salutation to the family at a Jewish funeral, is, "To Life."

I think you did your salutation to life, Patty's life, beautifully.

A wonderful thing to do, might be to write a little 'something' specially for your grandson, rather than about him.

By the way, in your post, you did write about your grandson. Will you keep it?

keiko amano said...


Thank you for the information. I like that: To Life. Simple and beautiful. I still hear the voice of the cantor and guitar music.

Yes, I'll keep the story of my grandson. Besides, I can count on him for more stories like that. In fact, everytime I see him, a comedy scene appears in my head!

Linda said...

I just found your blog today. I am deeply sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful woman and I am sure she appreciated your friendship.

keiko amano said...

Thank you, Linda.