Thursday, June 6, 2013

Old Family Photos

 Yamada Kikan (also Norichika)
The Wikipedia site shows he served as a Commander at Takasaki Regimental District
from 1907 - 1910 (as of March 5, 2014).  Previously I gave a wrong date.  

My grandfather, Makizo  牧三

Ume 梅  Makizo's younger sister

 I do not know who this person is.  Perhaps, Kikan's brother.
The back of this photo is the second photo down.

 This is the back of above Kikan's photo

勝  Makizo's younger sister


kristieinbc said...

Thanks for sharing your old family photos! I love looking at these kinds of pictures. If only they could "talk"!

keiko amano said...


I'm glad you enjoy looking at old photos. The first photo was taken in 1899 when he was 36. Because of my recent discoveries and these photos which were sent to me attached to email, I learned that the family lived in Takasaki for a long time. But a strange thing is none of them had local accent. Of course, I've never met my great grandfather, but if he had a local dialect, his children wouldn't talk in the standard Japanese.