Friday, August 22, 2014

Opera "Eugene Onegin"

During his interview, the Russian maestro Valery Gergiev said he and others in Russia not only studied Pushkin in poetry and literature but they recited "Eugene Onegin." I guess it's the Russian tradition itself like Genji Monogatari to Japanese. What a difference in traditions. 

But do Russians really teach the scene of a duel and seducing a married woman to young children? And the married woman calls out, "I love you," to a man who is not her husband? I know the Japanese literature committee to select Genji texts had gone through rigorous pick and choose for junior and high school students but Murasaki Shikibu showed passion through depicting changes of seasons and flowers and leaves. No character says I love you in Genji Monogatari so for a thousand years or so ordinary Japanese didn't say so. It sounds weird if we do. 

According to Wikipedia, the maestro is known to conduct with a toothpick. He has very large eyes. I don't think that would ever happen to Japanese conductors, toothpick or large eyes.

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