Friday, November 25, 2011

Book and Dog

I was at a bookstore and saw this ads.  I had to take a photo and show it to you.  It said:

"When (someone) gives (me) (a) book, (it) makes (me) wanting to read. "

Book Gift Cards


Vincent said...

Oh, lovely! When gives book, makes wanting to read.

When gives translation, makes wanting learn Japanese.

Woof! Woof! Bow-wow!

Luciana said...

That breed is so beautiful! It´s Akita, right?
Please teach Vincent some Japanese. That´d be fun. ;-)

keiko amano said...

It is coincidence, but I think your accidentally revealed voice might prove what Ashok has been telling us about reincarnation. He could be correct on his theory. What do you think?
Separately, I feel guilty of translating into the way most translators have been doing because that only help perpetuate the myth. The myth is English centered world.

keiko amano said...


Long ago, I taught a beginning Japanese class during lunchtime at work. My students were my coworkers. We had fun. But I’m not a professional teacher. Teaching is not easy. But you’re a teacher, so you know. Maybe, I should take up a course in teaching Japanese next year. It is coincidence that I was reading newspaper yesterday and saw one available introduction class in Tokyo. Maybe, a new road will open up for me. I may become a teacher and go to England and teach Vincent Japanese.

keiko amano said...


That dog is Shiba.