Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inside the Subway

I was on the way to the class titled "Rethinking the Ancient History."  This is another exciting class I've been taking because there has been many new findings, and the teacher is especially passionate.  Anyway, I usually take the Keikyu train, but I didn't want to be late.  So I took the subway line.  To my delight, inside the train was dressed as the forest.   It made my day, so I had to take photos and show you. 

I asked the woman in front of me if I could take a photo with her shoe.  She said yes smiling.   We chatted a while about all the arts around us.  They were everywhere:  windows, doors, ceiling, and floor.


Rebb said...

Keiko, Another interesting class. Sounds great! I love how they made the subway into a forest. It brightens up the train and opens eyes. Thanks for sharing.

keiko amano said...


Sometimes I encounter such surprise here and there, but I let it passed. So this time, I took photos.
Thank you for stopping by.