Monday, February 27, 2012

Hail in San Dimas

It was raining tonight, so we were a small group.

Because Ron's piece was hilarious, he was requested to read it again.  This was right after his punch line of the first paragraph.  Only the members who were there know it.  So, don't miss your meetings!

After 9 p.m., we came out of Taco Factory and saw this.

I don't remember whose feet they are, but he must be 12 years old.

This was a bonus scene.  Outside was cold, but we just had the warmest writers workshop ever!
I love our group!

Dancing on the snow in San Dimas!  Well, it was hail, but it sure looked like snow to me!

rain turned to hail
readings jumped to laughter
we went home dancing

Thank you, Lewis, for giving me and my bike a ride home.


kristieinbc said...

Your writer's group always sounds like so much fun! I find myself a bit jealous! :-)

Is it unusual to get hail where you live?

keiko amano said...


I've seen hail in San Dimas a number of times, and I actually saw snow once. About that snow day in San Dimas, people probably don't believe it when I tell them, but in the local post office, we can see a good photo of the scene. It lasted about 10 minutes or so and killed the three-year-old cherry tomato plant in my backyard.

About Coffee House Writers Group, we now have three workshop meetings a week plus other weekly or bimonthly meetings depending on topic and purpose. In addition, some members are active in connecting with other writing groups nearby. This is the dream came true for me. Writers tend to be isolated, so this group is precious. I don't have time to write a good piece, but much more is going on behind the photos.

Kristie, I just look up your area and found this:
54 miles is far, but you can go once in a while, and also, you can start one. Trying to finish a long piece like a novel or memoir is pain, but with a group, it becomes enjoyment.

Kathabela said...

Hello dear Keiko, I miss you already at the Red Door Poets. I imagine you are traveling or more likely really there now and getting used to a change... It is HOT here in Pasadena today... the thought that it could have been that cold a week ago is astonishing now... but yes, it was! I am happy you have these wonderful writers meetings close by. I always love it when you come to us, but it is far, and you have these good meetings close by! Hope to hear from you soon!

keiko amano said...


Thank you. It is cold today, but tomorrow, we'll have 10 C degree higher! It is crazy weather. I miss Red Door Poet on Site. Please say hello to everyone.

Yes, I enjoy Coffee House Writers Group, too. It isn't only the distance but more writers mean more points of view. It is always something, discovery, and laughter. I'm blessed!!! Miss you!

Dorraine said...

Looks like you have a great writing group, Keiko! It's great to be around fellow writers. :-)

keiko amano said...

Hi Dorraine,

Yes, I enjoy my local writers group. My dream of having a writers group near my home has come true! I can bike to the restaurant, talk about writings, and eat tacos. I'd like to do this for the rest of my life. I'm all set for the rest of my life without ever retiring from writing! Love love love. I love it!