Sunday, December 30, 2012

San Dimas Writer's Workshop Volume II

I love this book, and I appreciate all the people who have edited and published this book for us.

I remember someone asked me if I want a story included in it, and I said yes.  Then I went away for a few months, and now it's been made.  Thank you, Frank Koh for organizing the whole process!  I wish my memoir will be published just like that, too!

You may not see it in this photo, but this is very pretty cover.  The price is $25, and I think only about 20 more books are available.  I bought two and went to my local market and handed to an employee to read my story.  I told her she could route it among their employees because they contributed to my story.  This is my way to thank them.  

Thank you all the members at San Dimas Writer's Workshop for all these years to help me edit my stories and being so supportive.  I must especially thank Dolores Cullen and Sandra Sheffer to put up with me all these years.  Also, Frank Koh, the organizer wearing many hats and the mustache above, thank you very much.

My short story "Stuck" is the same story as it appears in the Bicycle Review, but it isn't the same.  But I won't tell you what is the difference.

Love you all the people who have taken time to read my outrageous story!

A Happy New Year!



Rebb said...

Happy New Year, Keiko!

The cover is very nice. I love how all of your pictures are on it.

Congratulations, and I look forward to more writing and photos!

: )

keiko amano said...

Thank you, Rebb. A Happy New Year to you!