Tuesday, December 4, 2012


On page 106 of the previous book by Professor Ueki, I pointed out to him that "vara-dundubhi-svara (the most excellent drum owner)" reminded me of American rocks.  I was particularly thinking of the songs by Niel Sedaka or Paul Anka in 60s.  The backup singers’ chorus sounded like "dundubhi dowa dowa" or something.  He said it was interesting. We talked more about さ行 (sa, shi, su, se, soof Japanese letters.

I posted the above paragraph on FB and received some comments.  I guess my spelling of yabadabadoo as goodbye threw some people off.  It was “Yabadava-du!”  But I thought more about it.

Then, I made a discovery!  Vara and svara ended up in our word, subarashii (すばらしい).  Subarashii means splendid.  It’s always something.

Well, folks.  Dundubhi-Yabadabadoo!

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