Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Literacy and Race"

Contemporary Literary Horizon has confirmed me that my new short story will be published in either CLH 5/2013 Sept.-Oct. 2013 or in CLH 6 (38)/Nov.-Dec. 2013. The title is "Literacy and Race."

I'm sure the story is nothing you would expect, so I won't give out the story here. But I bring it up because I see an element of coincidence in the recent news: Japan's place in OECD's literacy and numeracy tests. 

In the beginning of the story, the narrator points out the difference in the definition of "literacy" between ODE and Japanese English dictionary.

I hope you are intrigued!

At the entrance of Yokohama Asahi Culture Center, three flower arrangement schools show one display each. Out of three, I happen to like this design. The name of the artist is unknown, but as you probably can imagine, the artist is not a novice. It might look easy to arrange those flowers and tree branches, but no, it's hard work. Much details and discipline are behind it. For that, I appreciate any work of arts.


keiko amano said...

I'd like to say thank you to J de Salvo of Bicycle Review for editing my first draft of "Literacy and Race." He is very good editor. Now I know what good editors are like.

Vincent said...

I'm very intrigued indeed, Keiko: in literacy, race, and what happens when they are put together, and what happens when you put them together.

And that's a brilliant piece of flower-arranging, too.

keiko amano said...


Literacy and race is very interesting subject. Many things go through my mind. I've been looking at the word, literacy, and I happen to see lite and racy put together. It's a coincident people might say, but nothing is coincidence is my base concept. So I'm amused sitting here alone, and I'm about to head to a museum. I sense more coincidences coming my way. By the way, I hit a big coincidence yesterday because of my ignorance. Sometimes, ignorance helps hitting bingo!

keiko amano said...

I'm glad you appreciate the flower arrangement, Vincent.