Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ono Yoko

(road  top  small  mind   one  road  smooth or flat  secure)

I've been watching Yoko Ono's interviews and happened to come across the above words on my Chinese FB friend's post.  I thought it sums up my feeling about Yoko and also anyone's life. 

I watched her on David Frost's show for the first time and saw young and free-spirited Yoko, and when she said, I'm mad at you, David, I think it's because he has invited a belligerent man and woman purposely to create heated discussion with John and Yoko.  I saw Frost's shoulders tightened when he replied no to Yoko.   How much courage she had to muster up to that point in her life and before the television camera as an artist who is deeply rooted in totally different culture. Most of us try to avoid confrontation almost at any cost, especially women.  I felt pain watching her on Dick Cavett's show.  A lot must have happened between those shows, I thought. She seems not herself.  John keeps talking, and Cavett's eyes swim past Yoko and hardly look Yoko directly into her eyes. She no longer quips much or challenges the interviewer.  She is mostly quiet. 

But I also watched her video オノ・ヨーコへの質問 1/3 – 3/3  for the first time.  What a relief!  This sums up my thought 路上小心一路平安

The photo is my mini rose that has survived.  It is related to my recent water-bill mishap, but what a joy!

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