Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lu Xun's Photo

As I promised to Vincent, here I attached a photo. Lu Xun is close to the Chinese pronunciation, and in Japanese, we call him Rojin. Japanese have hard time pronoucing consonants, so we japanize all the foreign words. So it may sounds very different, but Rojin and Lu Xun are the same. This photo was taken in 1935, a year before he died. I took this photo from his book. I like this photo. Looking at it and reading his stories and letters, I connect with the development of his struggles. If he knew only Chinese, I think his life was much simpler.


Vincent said...

He certainly does not look inscrutable in this picture. If I were to try and scrute him (the word doesn't exist, just an English joke) I would say he suffers much. It is his sensitivity and compassion which gives him no choice but to make his stand - whatever that may be.

I would certainly want to read what he wrote.

Luciana said...

It worked. thanks for the tip,Vincent!
He´s got sad eyes.

keiko amano said...

At last! It's great, Lu. In the past, I couldn't submit my email through Internet Explorer, so I installed Firefox, and it worked.

Yes, his eyes look sad, but I like all his wrinkles and sagging areas. The photo drew me in to read his stories. Lately, I'm thinking about the relationships between things and spirits. We can't separate them. They have dynamic relationships. The photo is a thing. His books are things. But they are speaking to me and affecting my spirit.

keiko amano said...


Yes, he was absolutely clear where he stood. He was a nationalist. No doubt. But he didn't join Maozedong's communist party to the end. In spite of that, I think Maosedong respected Lu Xun because I recently read that he loved Lu Xun's books.