Thursday, December 8, 2011

The 25th Kuramae Science and Technology Seminar

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On Dec. 3rd, I was lucky to attend this seminar. Three speakers (Kashiwagi Takao, Aritomi Masanori, and Matsubara Hironao) came and gave their talks related to the nuclear energy in Japan and the world and its future. This seminar was open to public, but I think it used to be only for the graduates of Tokyo Institute of Technology. So, most attendees were probably their graduates. Iida-san persuaded me to apply because getting a ticket is quite competitive. Before last summer, I had asked him to let me know if the school has any seminars scheduled relating to nuclear disaster issues. Thanks to Iida-san, my application was accepted.

So, I was there. I sat at far left hand side. The meeting was good, but it was overall summary and vision. I have not much to talk about it here. But, have you noticed a roomful of gentlemen on the picture in the above web site? Yes, they were all men. I think I was the only woman except I heard that the president's wife was there.

After the seminar, I joined a tour of their new library. The library looks like an ultra modern architecture in triangle shapes. They have over 10,000 journals, so I plan to check it out again. Besides, I want to see their museum. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m interested in the history of this university.

These were presents for attending the library tour.

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