Saturday, December 31, 2011


Julia Stein has been helping me edit my memoir, and as far as I'm concerned, it is finished. So, I'm celebrating this end of the year accomplishment through this blog, "Melrose." Above, we were admiring the worker cutting tree branches. He maneuvered the machine skillfully through multiple lines. I was saying to Julia, if I were doing it, I would be electrocuted by now. It was an impressive site.

I liked this south-west styled corner.

I also liked this yellow flowers with a brown spot at the center. The shape of the petals looks as though someone cut them neatly in that shape. But of course, nobody but the nature has done that creative thing. I was amazed by it. If anyone knows the name of the flower, please let me know.

Yes, I had a bowl of cold beet soup borscht with two Blintzes at Canter's. Julia was amused looking at my face staring at the soup. She asked me, "Can I write about this on Facebook?" I said yes. Well, if I went home without eating borscht and blintzes, I would regret. My motto is not to regret whenever I can help it. This wisdom of mine will continue to next year.

Melrose has changed since I used to go there for lunch when I worked on Wilshre. Now, it looks like Halloween. I don't know why but most people wear black. On the photo, the woman on left is a mannequin.


kristieinbc said...

Happy 2012! Congratulations on finishing your memoir. Do you have another writing project to take its place?

keiko amano said...

Happy New Year to you, Kristie!

Well, because of my current project, I found out that I haven't been formatting my manuscripts in the standard manner. So, my next project should be to format all my short stories accordingly. But I don't work according to a fixed plan. I'd like to read more books, and those books require a lot of time. That's what I enjoy, reading and thinking and writing a little. What is your next project?

jiturajgor said...

Happy New Year Keiko, and pictures are very good.

keiko amano said...

Happy New Year to you, Jitu! Thank you for stopping by.