Monday, November 22, 2010

Ian Hideo Levy

I’ve been reading his books one after another since last week. Ribi Hideo (リービ英雄) is his Japanese name. He is an American author and a scholar on Japanese literature. He had translated Manyoushu, the oldest collection of Japanese poetry. He has been writing in Japanese for a long time. But like me, he doesn’t seem to translate his own works. I’m similar that way with a few exceptions. I hope to write my comments about his books later on.

Meantime, you can take a look at his sites below. I would say that he is remarkable in being patient with the Japanese society and people. In the past, I’ve never known any westerners who could speak as well as write Japanese well. I’m sure there are many westerners who love Japanese literature, but probably most of them were discouraged by the difficulty in blending into the Japanese society. I highly recommend his YouTube video. I think it’s excellent even for general audience. Enjoy.

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