Friday, November 26, 2010

A Market Scene in Yokohama

Samma was three pieces for only 100 yen!

Growing up, I used to see this type of local markets everywhere in Yokohama and
Tokyo, but not anymore. I hope this market won't disappear.


ZACL said...

I adore pictures of markets. We see fish markets in Scotland, I guess the light is different, but fish are fish and more varieties are appearing on our stalls now.

The fruit markets I can compare with London and some indoor markets in the Yorkshires. There are some wonderful fruits and vegetables to be found in a number of them.

Are many of your markets covered over now, Keiko?

keiko amano said...


I took these pictures two or three weeks ago, but the temperature remains pretty warm for winter. I wear a light jacket going outside, and I often take it off daytime when walking.

This market is not near my place. So I don't know if they cover in winter time. The one near my place has a roof throughout the street.

ZACL said...


it sounds pleasantly warm where you are.

By covered market, I mean a permanent cover...sorry, I should have clarified that. Open or uncovered markets are exposed to the weather and when it rains or is cold, you see the stall holders looking very miserable. They protect their wares with clear plastic covers when the weather is bad, covers which they drape like cloth, over the stall. Other stalls can be more enclosed with tent flaps and operate like tent- shops. You see a variety like this in Petticoat Lane in East London. I recently saw an uninteresting outdoor market attached to an indoor one, (in a very old building) in Leeds. The indoor part of the market was marginally more interesting.

keiko amano said...


Those shops are in their own building, and they extend their operation outside. I guess the city allows them to use a part of the street, or maybe they had no choice. After they close their shop at the end of the day, wooden crates and tables and everything probably go inside their shops.

I also favor open markets. I bought a sushi lunch box and a vegetable dish near that fish market. They were very reasonably priced and tasted excellent. I wish I live nearby there.

ZACL said...

Markets are enjoyable. We don't have any where I live. In fact Scotland does not boast many general markets at all. In recent years there has been a growth in Farmers' Markets, though not here in the town where I am. They tend to be nearby to, or, in bigger towns. The UK historical market towns are being revived with them.

ashok said...

What an exciting market Keiko. Lovely pictures!

keiko amano said...


Thank you, Ashok.

Come to think of it, you haven't show us day to day scenes of Indian people there. Would you please show hustles and bustles of your market place? I'm curious.