Friday, January 13, 2012

Death of a Goldfish

Through email, a friend of mine wrote that the weather in Japan has been very cold and dry for a month, and he has lost one of his goldfish in the beginning of this month. Since then, he has added some medicine and heater for the fish, and the rest of them have been recovering.  He has raised these fish from babies. I think their bodies are about 20 cm or so if I remember correctly.  This blog is my tribute to his goldfish that moved on to heaven.  I happened to take this photo last December.  The fish were much more beautiful than this picture.


Aberjhani Aberjhani said...

And a beautiful tribute it is Keiko. Thank you for sharing it.

keiko amano said...

Happy New Year, aberjhani!

I love the first paragraph of your site. It is so true about history. That's how I feel about words and language. I can step back looking at us human beings in less subjective way. It's harder to argue what our ancestors had created in the past.