Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Day

My son and grandson made a brief visit this afternoon. And to my surprise, my old friend Kazuko delivered her foods for me with our mutual friend Masako. We were already eating when I decided to take photos of the foods.

Above Japanese new year food, osechi, Kazuko made all from scratch except black beans and kamaboko (fish cakes). The shaping of carrots, she said it took two hours to make twelve of them because she didn't have a flower cutter. I think I have one somewhere, but I didn't tell her. Hers were much better shape. And I ate all up!


kristieinbc said...

Lovely pictures of your son and grandson - such handsome guys! And the pictures of the food are making me feel hungry. I can't imagine spending 2 hours carving carrots into the beautiful shapes, only to have them be eaten in a matter of minutes. She must be a very good friend to go to so much work!

Happy New Year!

keiko amano said...


You're right. Kazuko is amazing. But those carrot flowers are much prettier than flat cut. They have depth in looks and more texture when we bite into it. I kept saying how young she is. She keeps moving, doing something. Before she left she even fixed my screen door! 25% of the screen had been coming off from the frame. I'd like you to meet her. I think you enjoy doing various projects in craft.