Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Japanese Chopsticks Part One

Carved and lacquered in red

 Japanese boxwood, lacquered

Carved and lacquered.  The design must be from the north east because it looks a bit like Tsugaru design.  It is very common design among Japanese chopsticks, but I don't know the name.  

My family chopsticks with Chinese Zodiac signs.  From top, monkey, tiger, and snake.  My mother and daughter are monkey, and my father and son are snake.  They are all good signs, so these are good luck charms. 


kristieinbc said...

The chopsticks are beautiful! We have quite a few chopsticks, but ours are a mix of Chinese and Korean. I can use them, but don't hold them exactly the way you are supposed to.

keiko amano said...


Please try this.

1. Hold chopsticks in parallel first.

The bottom chopstick rests at the midway between the first knuckle and the tip of your medicine finger (next to pinky). The top chopstick rests about the similar location of your middle finger. Your thumb gently press on top of those two chopsticks.

Your fingers are probably longer than mine, so you need to find the most comfortable spots. The spot could be the midway of your nail.

2. Your index finger touches the top chopstick, and that creates a partnership between your index and middle fingers to control the top chopstick only.

At this point, you can make the top chopstick up and down using only your index finger.

3. The bottom chopstick does not move. The medicine finger and the thumb are relaxed but firm. Relax or not moving or press are all relative. Find your best pressure among your fingers.

Kristie, I'm sure someone on youtube or other sites show much better than I, but I thought my personal explanation helps. Please let me know what does not work for you.

kristieinbc said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions! I will have to try it and see if I can master the art of eating with chopsticks. I copied out your instructions so I would have them for future reference. Thanks again!

keiko amano said...

You're more than welcome.