Saturday, January 8, 2011

Benefits of Rain

Jade-Green Moss in San Dimas

 When I returned here right before Xmas, I said to a friend of mine,

"The song, 'Never rained in Southern California' has to change."

 It's been pouring like June in Japan, but the temperature is Japanese December.  But air is fresh.  Mountains look magnificent.  Yesterday, I spotted the above site as I walked through the downtown.  How many people here appreciate the beautiful green moss?  It was shining green.  I touched it.  It gave a healthy bouncy feel to it.

Heavenly Bamboo and Tea-Green Moss

Before loading the photos, I took these three pictures.  They are the corner of my backyard.  Once, one  chanoyu teacher made a visit to my home.  She lives in the area she has never seen moss.  She looked at my yard and surprised to see some moss.  It wasn't this green then, but almost all year around, my garden shows some moss at this corner.  I think it's because San Dimas is pretty close to mountains, we probably have more rain than the rest of Southern California.  So, I'm blessed with moss even though I live in Southern California, and right now, I'm dreaming that a small tea house can add joy to my retirement after I stop going back and forth between two countries. 

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