Friday, January 21, 2011

Introducing Kurarika

On one of Ashok’s web sites, I introduced “Kurarika.”

It is the name of a senior-volunteer-run science program in Tokyo for primary schools.
Take a look at the following site and follow the photos and my translation as below.

Photo 1 横浜市立荏子田小学校でくらりかの理科教室が行われました。
This day, Iida Kazuhiko san, the blogger, made a visit to a Yokohama public elementary school and conducted a science experiment.

Photo 2 4年生の理科の時間で、レモン電池の講習です。1クラス35名の教室を午前と午後2回行います。
This photo shows a science period in a fourth-grade classroom. Children learned how to make battery using lemon. One classroom consisted of 35 students, and we conducted two classes that day, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon.

Photo 3 今日は給食を子供と一緒に食べました。4人グループの所に入れてもらいました。すき焼きでした。
We, volunteers, had a school lunch with the students. A group of four children let me join them. The lunch was sukiyaki.

Photo 4 給食は片付けるのが大変です。汁や牛乳は残さず飲み干します。牛乳パックは内皮を剥がします。
To clean up afterward wasn’t easy. We all drank up to the last drop of our soup and milk. We removed the inner layer of the milk package and separated.

Photo 5 午後もう1回、違う組の子に講習を行いました。4年生になると応答があり、中々面白いです。
This photo shows the afternoon class. It was quite exciting.  When children reach this grade, they become more active in asking questions and response.

Photo 6 校庭の白梅が満開でした。
A white plum tree was at the height of its full bloom.

Photo 7 1時間半×2回 立ちっぱなしで少々くたびれました。
One class was one and a half hour, and I managed two classes on this day. I was on my feet the whole time. I was a bit tired.

* The blogger had a major surgery not too long ago. He is still under the care of his doctor.


ashok said...

That sounds like very inspiring work that lida san is doing. I have already put his link on my page at

keiko amano said...


Thank you. I thought the blog was a good choice to translate and show it to you and other people because it had not only scenes of a science experiment, but also their lunch and preparation to recycle. But I thought separating the inner layer of a milk package each time must be cumbersome. I think not every school requires student to do that, but I could be wrong.