Monday, January 10, 2011

A Meetup in San Dimas

Last Saturday, I read my first draft about my embarrassing Xmas story among the supportive members of Coffee House Writiers' Group.

Christine is giving us beauty tips.  I'm kidding.  smiles.

Clayton Brewing Co

I like their soup and coffee.

Yes, you have to hike to get to us.


The writer is making passionate comments.  It was another great meeting.


ashok said...

That looks like a wonderful group that has chosen wonderful places to meet. It is really great if you belong to such a group Keiko.

keiko amano said...


I just noticed this comment. Excuse me.

Thank you. There are many writers workshops in Southern California. I used to belong to a few. It's educational and fun to listen to people and discuss. But, Japanese writers are not so open. The style there is more formal, and they seem to think that they need a teacher forever.

How is the situation in India? Do you meet with fellow writers regularly?