Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Kana Shodo Teacher is in Vietnam

I've been looking at many beautiful and interesting photos of Vietnam at the following sites.   And I just realized that the blogger, Iida-san, has been uploading those photos as he is travelling  right now with his wife.   Here are five of the series so far.

Below, the fourth photo from the bottom, Mr. and Mrs. Iida posed as Emperor and Empress of  ancient Vietnam.

They started their travel on January 3rd.


ashok said...

Looks like your Kana Shodo teacher is having a lot of fun.

keiko amano said...


She could be in Jaipur very soon. In that case, you could go and meet her with a good sheet of paper and pen. She also teaches pen shodo. She is creative, so I think she can surprise you with a haiku of the moment right on the spot.