Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Technologies

Some readers might know already. But I haven't seen in the English-language newspapers about these two technologies which will help the whole world. So, I decided to write about them.

First, my knowledge comes from this article I found.

Have you heard about manganese crust? The mineral deposit is lying about 3000 meters below the sea. I heard about this a while ago, but I didn't know the details and the names of all the minerals and technology to get to it.

Because I was responding to Ashok's blog, I just researched it. And I was surprised to find out that the company developed the sensor to get to the mineral deposit is located in Minami ward in Yokohama where I live when I'm in Japan. My home town won't be nameless anymore. It's like San Dimas. People usually never heard of it when they ask me. It must be a small company, but obviously, it owns the top world-class technology of its kind.

Those minerals such as a rear earth, platinum, cobalt and so on that are found in the deposit can be used in IT equipments and the next generation of cars. The Japanese government will be spending over 6 hundred million yen for research and development, and their estimate of 20 years to make it marketable seem to be able to shorten. This must be a revolutionary in many ways.

Second is CAS. Luckily, I found an English site. This is also revolutionary in the way we can eat, enjoy true flavor, and energize local economy.

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