Friday, September 9, 2011

Dressed-up Dolls

Because of my last post and also the young Japanese Brazilian man I have recently connected through his aunt in Facebook, I thought these manga characters I drew in 2000 look like him, Marcio Shimabukuro.  He is an excellent artist.  In 2000, I was working at AARP data center, and Joe was very helpful in Tech Support.  I drew more characters there, but somehow I lost touch with my ability to depict people.  I was much better in high school.  So, instead of working further to make it more look like him, I thought I would make a paper dressed-up dolls.  So, Joe didn't look like the photos.  But, these pictures look like Marcio although I should raise the corners of his eyebrows.  If you're in FB, you can check with his photos.  What do you think?

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