Friday, September 16, 2011

Taco Factory South

I'm so happy to announce new venue for Coffee House Writer's Group.

Taco Factory South
133 East Bonita, San Dimas, CA (map)

Thursday at   5:00 pm
Saturday  at 12:00 noon

Minimum Requirements:  Before meetings start, we are required to purchase a meal and drink.   Let's support Taco Factory South to be our permanent home!

A view of Bonita Avenue from inside Taco Factory South

Carlos, the owner

I've been coming to this place once in a while for years.  I usually order a fish burrito.  Yesterday, I noticed a hamberger meal advertised, so I ordered a hamberger instead.  He asked me, "are you in this group?"   I said yes. 

The hamberger and large fries were excellent.   Why didn't I think of this place as our new venue before?  

A new room in the back was added to the restaurant not long ago, but I thought it was a place to watch football games and drink beer.   Once I had that image, I didn't think of our writer Group meetings taking place there.  So, when I found out this place would be our new venue, I was so excited.  Why didn't I think of that before?  Maybe it's because I don't drink beer.

It's a pretty big restaurant with plenty of parking space in the back. 

The room is private and quiet.  We had twelve readers last night.

Here is our leader, Christine.  I don't know how she has been keeping up with all the meetings and still smiling.

Thank you for organizing and everything else, Christine.

Also, the man in blue shirt is Cliff.  He is an assistant organizer. 
Thank you, Cliff for everything and Cliff's Notes.  


kristieinbc said...

It looks like a great meeting place for your writing group. I am jealous you have a place to buy good Mexican food. I know there are thousands of such places where you live, but they are few and far between where I am from.

keiko amano said...


Oh, yes, one of our advantages in living in Southern California is great Mexican foods. We used to have a great, very inexpensive Mexican restaurant to which I could walk from my house in San Dimas, but it is gone. I miss their great fish tacos. But there is one more even better place to which I can ride my bike to. Taco Factory South is in Downtown San Dimas on a main street, and of course, there are many others, come to think of it.