Sunday, September 25, 2011

Faces in Letters

                                                     henohenomoheji  へのへのもへじ

The above face is a standard Japanese face design in kana letters.  I don't know who created it or when, but this has been used in many designs for centuries.  Ryokan, a Buddhist monk and poet, drew this kind of face, but I'm unsure if he was the original creator for this  idea not.  Each artist draws in her or his own way, and all of us are artists including children and adults without any art education.
We are all artists.  That's my excuse to upload these photos.  Someone perhaps has done similar drawings like these, but I wanted to create faces in alphabets.






Let's have fun.  Please draw your own and let me see it.


Author-Poet Aberjhani said...

These are some incredible interpretations of individuals through language and visual art Keiko. Much gratitude to you for sharing them.

keiko amano said...

Hi Aberjhani,

I updated my Faces-by-the-Alphabet post on Red Room, and now your picture is better, I think. Before I had Y instead of J. I mixed up. But now you look like a bit Charlie Brown, but it is closer to the photo of you right here. Please take a look.