Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manga: "Tching"

19 years ago, I drew this manga series titled "Tching." Some of us have accent, so we are still the target of people's fun. But sometimes through having a lot of fun, we might hurt other people's feeling. So, my manga career ended after this series. I couldn't rise that emotional level in manga, but in writing, I passed that long ago. So, I shall keep writing.


Tching and Mark L. are the models for this manga.

I love the way Tching calls me. It sounds a music. This is based on our real conversation. The boss is Gary. How I miss that moment!

This idea came from Modesto, but since I started "Tching" and I wanted to draw one a week or so, I forced the idea onto this Tching's manga. Then, in my mind, it wasn't funny anymore. So, I quit.


Rebb said...

Keiko, Wow, You are full of surprises! These comics are fantastic. I've often wanted to draw comics of situations, but I don't believe in my drawing abilities.

It's can be hurtful. But I like how in your "Tching" it takes the hurt and makes the experience accessible.

Thank you for sharing, Keiko!

Luciana said...

I love Tching!!!
Rebb is right, Keiko, you´re full of surprises!

keiko amano said...


I wasn't sure if people would enjoy it or not. I grew up with Japanese manga style and humor, but I thought all those years, non-Japanese seemed uninterested. But the time has changed, and my heart also.

Responding to this post, Tching wrote me that I am funny. I think she is funnier! Every time we meet, manga strips appear in my head.

Tching suggested to improve photo quality, so I update with more contrast and made them small.

Thank you for reading.

keiko amano said...


If this is a surprise, I might shock you in person! Ha ha ha.
I love Lucy Ball or Carol Burnett and all the other funny people.