Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Al Vezzetti's Celebration

Al's Celebration

Al Vezzetti has been the head of San Dimas Writer's Workshop
He is moving on, but will be in touch.

Beautiful Caroline Corser will be our new head of the workshop.  She was a professor in English at a college in Bakersfield.  She majored in Linguistics, so she is very detail in editing.  I appreciate all her explanations and comments.  She also speaks, reads, and writes Spanish.

Our Chaucer expert, Dolores Cullen, talking about Canterbury Tales from her point of view.

                  Al looks happy leaving San Dimas.  I look sour.  I'm not chewing lemon.

Ray in the back read his essay.  It was about generational gaps and well written.   I hope he finds a good publication to show the essay.


Frank Kohoutek made this.  He is multi talented.