Thursday, January 9, 2014

Osho san by Conto 55
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The struggling Buddhist priest and a young disciple
In their neighborhood, a Christian church has been built recently, and people started going to the church instead of their temple.

"Because the pastor at the church is hansome," the disciple says.

"Did you say I'm not hansome?" the priest says.

"Even if I didn't say, you're not hansome."

Now people go to the church for weddings and funerals, the priest says they need to change this situation.  He suggests the disciple become a super star to attract more people to come to the temple.  He also suggests the disciple  become more modern and employs the enka rhythm, then the jazz rhythm, and so on, and he decides that their monotone sutra chants is out.

Their impromptu sketch makes me laugh every time.

The great comedian on left is Sakagami Jiro.  He died on March 10, 2011, which was a day before the big tsunami and earthquake in the northeast.  The media couldn't cover his eulogy well until a year later.

To maintain their comedy spontaneous and fresh, they didn't have meals or drinks together because most comedian teams break up easily.  But toward the end of Jiro san's life, they had a meal or two together, and Jiro san told his wife how much he enjoyed it.

They both became the head of their local baseball team, and Jiro san started a school of comedians, and he was the principal of the school.  Just before I came to the U.S. in 1970, they were at the beginning of their career, and they were the funniest.  Just a thought of them makes me smile.