Friday, August 12, 2011

"The Last of the Knotts"

OnTuesday, I went to see “The Last of the Knotts.” It was very satisfying experience.

Many of us are affected by our crazy parents, so I read about it often. But I haven’t read much about men’s POV on very important issues such as “Why doesn’t he choose to be a father?” I appreciated the well developed story, simple stage, and honest and brave story-telling performance. I’d like to hear and see more of men’s deep and personal POV.

About the title, I think this way. Although it seems stopping our lineage if we don’t marry, produce children, and if the children do not carry our ancestor’s name, I think it isn’t the end of true lineage. Whether we like it or not, someone somewhere carry on our lineage. We don’t know everything for sure. In Japan, we have quite good records for many generations. I haven’t investigated every possibility, but as far as I know, there are many loopholes. In the past, many people adopted their children, had second wife or girlfriends, or instead of divorcing wife and marrying other woman, some people turned ex wife to be his sister. Women’s cases are equally complex. Are you confused? Well. Good. Anything is possible, that’s my point.


ZACL said...

What is POV?

I don't know anything about this Knott character, or the author.

What comes to mind though, is an epithet "What's in a name"?

keiko amano said...


It's point of view.

I think the author/performer lives in Southern California. He received an award for this performance. I hope he would travel to Scotland and you could go watch it.